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With "Now & Then 2019," Jan Britten Owen purveys pop of the purest persuasion. With the immediately accessible tunes backing the witty lyrics, Jan will have you smiling from track one being the eminent purveyor of post-punk revival. Paul McCartney once gave his rapt attention and “thumbs-up” of approval to one of Jan’s performances! Ringo Starr, after hearing Jan sing, remarked to his band, “Hey, this guy’s good – we should get him up to sing with us sometime.” Original Beatles Drummer Pete Best once wrote to Jan, "I really enjoyed listening to your songs. I didn't know...that I was talking to such a talented guy." Sid Bernstein (who brought The Beatles to Carnegie Hall and Shea Stadium in NYC) raved, “You’re more than good…you’re incredible!” Len Garry of John Lennon’s first band, The Quarry Men recently told Jan, “Hey, you don’t need a band – you’re a band all by yourself!!” And QM Rod Davis added, “You were brilliant!” Allan Williams (The Beatles’ first agent) told Jan “You’re wonderful!”

Long-time friend & legendary Radio Personality Bruce “Cousin Brucie” Morrow once told a live NYC & national SIRIUS Radio audience (just prior to Jan’s performance): "You know folks, John Lennon was a friend of mine. If John were alive, and he was here with us tonight, I know he would join me in my praise of this remarkable fellow....Jan Britten Owen!" 

In the USA alone, the New York City-born singer and multi-Instrumentalist (but mostly guitarist/vocalist) has performed in over 4,000 Concerts in over 33 of our 50 states:: Los Angeles / Hollywood and San Diego, CA; Honolulu, Hawaii; Las Vegas; Boston; Miami; Chicago; Memphis; Washington, DC; Denver; Woodstock & New Paltz, NY; Dallas, TX; & hundreds of other US cities.

In New York City alone, Jan gigged at such Legendary Venues as: CBGB, The Cutting Room, Alvin Ailey Theater, The Copacabana, Kenny’s Castaway’s, The Bitter End, The Improv, The Ritz and way too many others to list here.

Internationally, Jan's touring experience covers more than a dozen countries on three continents, including: St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Liverpool and Edinburgh, UK, Paris, France, Prague, Czech Republic.  

Jan has also performed in concert and at private parties for such notables as Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, Ron Howard, Stanley Tucci, Pat Skelton, Matt and Kevin Dillon, Jon Cryer, Diane Keaton, Carol Channing, guitarist Sid McGinnis and bassist Will Lee (both from the house band for David Letterman), Beach Boy David Marks, and magician David Blaine. He's had the pleasure of playing for -- and becoming friends with -- some who have loomed large in the Beatles history, like Sid Bernstein -- the Promoter who brought The Beatles to Shea Stadium and Carnegie Hall, and who also managed The Young Rascals -- and Pete Best. Jan was even the very first musician to sing and play “Happy 90th Birthday to You!” to his friend, the world of music’s ultimate maestro, Les Paul  – in  Les’ private limousine, no less!

Another distinct pleasure is that Jan has "Shared the Bill"/Concert Stage (and/or jammed) with noted acts and celebrities such as The Beatles’ original drummer Pete Best, Todd Rundgren, The Fab Faux, Joey Molland (Badfinger), Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), The Quarry Men, Terri Nunn (Berlin’s lead singer -- who dubbed Jan “One-Take Owen”), Meatloaf, John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful), Larry Kirwin (Black 47), Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Gos), Spencer Davis, Robert Klein, Emitt Rhodes, Gary “U.S.” Bonds, Darlene Love, Ronnie Spector, The Shirelles, The Coasters, The Crystals, Tony Williams and The Platters, The Chiffons, The Drifters, The Tokens, Len Barry, Michelle Shocked, Ben Taylor, Garland Jeffreys, Sonja Kitchell, and Aztec Two Step.

One of Jan's greatest honors was  sharing the bill weekly at both NYC’s The Improv and The Rainbow in Denver with his friend, the late-but-4-ever-great comedic genius, Andy Kaufman.

It's been a wild ride so far, and it shows no signs of stopping!



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